Morrison Academy is committed to cultivating an atmosphere in which all students are treated with respect and feel safe and protected.

Child Safety


Morrison Academy places a high value on children and strives to provide a safe, caring environment for our students. The school is committed to cultivating an atmosphere in which all students are treated with respect and feel safe and protected. Employees and volunteers assume the burden of maintaining clearly established safeguards in all interaction with children.







Morrison Academy is a member of the Child Safety and Protection Network (CSPN). CSPN is a network of more than 125 mission agencies, faith-based NGOs and international Christian schools. Their heart, calling, and mission is to collaborate across the globe with other Christian organizations to connect, educate, and protect through effective child safety programs. Morrison Academy is a member of CSPN, and our school has implemented the 7 key elements of an effective child safety program.








Morrison Academy has been recognized for its commitment to protecting children through Child Safeguarding Awareness training for its employees and volunteers.



Training for Volunteers and Substitutes


Once you have completed your Child Safeguarding Training, please print out your certificate of completion and turn it in to the office at your campus.


Child Safeguarding Training (English)

學生安全訓練 (中文)

한국어 (한국어)



Please read and fill out a complete set of the forms below (1 signed application, 1 signed code of conduct form).
以下兩份文件需閱讀/填寫後,簽名回傳: 1. 工作申請表 2. 保護學生安全之行為準則。

Application for Volunteers, Substitutes and Temporary Employees 義工/代課教師/臨時雇員申請表

Code of Conduct Form (English) / 保護學生安全之行為準則 (中文)

Police Report

Apply for a Police Report Online (bilingual)


Designated Confidants

If individuals believe that their harassment report has not been addressed then they may contact one of the Confidants listed below.



Tim Yates

02-2930-3975 (Home)





Tim Lee





Ruth Ullstrom

07-6116-976 (Home)



Child Safety Information & Resources for Parents


These age-appropriate books are available in each of our libraries for parents to use:

Focus On the Family

The Parenting section on Focus On the Family's web site provides plentiful resources and tips for parents to help their children stay safe online.Focus On the Family. 網站為父母提供了豐富育兒資源和提示,幫助他們的孩子安全上網。


Axis provides resources to teens and parents. Their free weekly enewsletter, The Cultural Translator, is written "to help parents and caring adults understand and disciple their teenagers" also help parents "stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world."

Axis 為青少年和家長們提供資源,他們每週的免費電子報“The Cultural Translator”旨在「協助父母及關心的民眾理解和培訓身邊的青少年」,同時也幫助父母「及時了解影響孩子世界的音樂、電影、電視節目和社交媒體趨勢。」

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