Morrison Academy is an entirely self-funded, private institution, and additional donations beyond normal operating fees help the school enhance learning for students. Each campus initiates an Annual Fund in which donations are solicited for items to benefit school programs. Periodically, a Capital Campaign will call on alumni, parents, and friends of Morrison to support larger facility construction or renovation. The annual Christmas project draws the Morrison community to together to help support a charitable organization in need.

Where Your Giving is Needed

High-Impact Giving

God has blessed Morrison Academy through the generous giving of people. We are committed to highlighting “high-impact” giving opportunities to people in an ongoing way, asking that they prayerfully consider giving.

We communicate opportunities that represent a great way to get involved in giving or to invest long-term in the mission and excellence of Morrison.

You can give to Morrison with confidence, knowing that your gifts have an immediate impact and enable the school to advance specific goals and priorities that directly benefit students, families, and teachers.

Through Morrison’s Annual giving program we have highlighted 7 areas of the school for constant support. Every gift to the school impacts “The Significant Seven.” These are seven strategic areas for ongoing support and development.

The Significant Seven:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Technology
  4. Fine Arts
  5. Athletics
  6. Special Services/Learning Center
  7. Sciences

The Robert Morrison Scholarship fund assists families in Taiwan who are committed to Christ’s Great Commission and whose children could otherwise not attend Morrison. These scholarships are funded entirely by designated gifts and the granting of scholarships is dependent upon the availability of funds.

As a Christ-following community, giving generously is a response to the blessings we have already received through our relationship with Jesus Christ. Any donations are gratefully received and help Morrison Academy achieve its purpose. Gifts made to the school are tax-deductible in either the United States or Taiwan.