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The Alex Herring Instructional Grant is an annual grant providing a resource for faculty and staff at Morrison Academy to foster and encourage innovative, interactive scholarship and instill in students the love of learning and exploration that characterized the life of Alex Herring.

Donations to this fund will be invested in conservative mutual funds. The amount of this annual grant will be based on the annual investment revenue. Any Morrison Academy employees may apply for this instruction grant. Grants will be awarded to programs that demonstrate innovative instructional techniques and impact a large number of students. The Director of Finance, in consultation with the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, will determine the amount and recipient(s) of the award.

In the event Morrison ever ceases to exist as a school, the account balance will be transferred to Furman University in Greenville, SC to be managed in a similar fashion for the same purpose.

Refer to Procedure 350 Alex Herring Instructional Grant

Grant Details

Purpose:  Provide a resource for Morrison Academy to foster and encourage innovative and interactive learning while instilling in students the love of learning and exploration that characterized the life of Alex Herring.
Applicants:  Any Morrison Academy employee may apply for this instruction grant as long as the grant idea outlines how they believe the program will "demonstrate innovative instructional techniques that will impact a large number of students." The application for this grant can be found in the staff links. (Alex Herring Grant Application)
Rubric Criteria
  • Application completed
  • Principal support and approval
  • Achievement of Purpose (rating: 1 no evident, 2 slightly evident, 3 moderately evident, 4 very evident, 5 extremely evident)
    • Innovative learning (a new method, idea, or device)
    • Interactive learning (characteristics or qualities of two-way learning)
    • Instill a love of learning and exploration
    • Impacting a large number of students
Awarding Grant
  • Applications will be reviewed within a two-week time frame.  Grants will be awarded throughout the school year.
Awarded Grant Responsibilities
  • Coordinate communication with Director of Learning to access grant money.
  • Grant money should be spent before the end of the school year (May)
  • Immediate implementation
  • Summary Report:  A brief slide show submitted to the Director of Learning by the end of the school year in which the grant was received.  The slide show should include:
    • Name of Project
    • Name(s) of those who won the grant
    • A slide (or more) describing the highs and lows of the project.
    • Two pictures (or more) of project in action
    • Recommendation as to whether Morrison Academy should pursue this project on a greater scale.

Grant Awardees

Updated: 2022/10/21

School YearProjectAwardeesCampus
2022-23Makeymakeys for MAT and MACMatt Saw and Crystal LiaoTaipei and Taichung (K-5)
Video Green ScreenJoshua SmithTaipei (K-12)
Coding, Design, and Robotics for AllAlbert TamKaohsiung (K-12)
The Little InnovatorChristina StowersKaohsiung (K-5)
2021-22iPads, Apple Pencils and Procreate for Student Art and Digital DesignKaren NewkirkKaohsiung (K-12)
Fitbit Health/Exercise TrackerKirk LongTaichung (HS)
ClassKick Resource PlatformFelicia ChungMulti-Campus (K-12)
IXL Math and ELAAndy Wu and Missy BasnettMulti-Campus (K-12)
2020-213D Printing for MAC Engineering&Design / HS MakerSpaceDan BasnettTaichung (HS)
MAT Maker Space Dream Part 2Alice WangTaipei (K-5)
Makey Makey STEM Pack Classroom Invention Literacy KitElizabeth CoonKaohsiung (K-5)
MAT MakerSpace DreamMatt SawTaipei (6-12)
2019-20Music and Media InnovationTania RatuChiayi (1-7)
VEX RoboticsMark GriffinKaohsiung (HS)
Xiaomi Phones for Video RecordingCaitlyn RoKaohsiung (5-8)
2018-193D Modeling from Real LifeMark GriffinKaohsiung (HS)
OSMOLinda KrauseKaohsiung (K)
2017-18Sensory Integration ProjectDebbie KadowKaohsiung (K-8)
Sphero SPRK+Brian Vander Haak, Alice Wang, Joshua Smith, Stephanie LeeTaipei (4-5)
MicrobitsDan Basnett, Rachel West, Joe Torgeson, Mark Griffin, Albert TamMulti-Campus (3-12)
2016-17Kindergarten Exploratory Learning ToolsLaurie Smith, Natalie Saw, Linda KrauseMulti-campus
Virtual Reality - Bringing the World to our students through Experiential Learning- hand held devices and VR glasses class setRandy Schmidt, Josh SmithMulti-campus
Learning Environment redesign- non-traditional seatingSunnie GulliverTaichung
Cooperative Learning Spaces- non-traditional seatingKelli Dingus, Katie EllisTaichung
2015-16HS Robotics KitDan BasnettTaichung
Lights, Camera, Action!: student iPods for videoMark GriffinKaohsiung
Explain Everything for Students by Students (research app)Albert TamKaohsiung
1:1 iPads for ELLCathleen Lin, Christina StowersKaohsiung
Next Level Video - professional camera for Shark Show and video classesMark GriffinKaohsiung
2014-153D Printing FleetDan Basnett, Tony Love, Scott PagelMulti-campus
The LEAP Center (Sensory Lab): Learning Enhancement and Achievement ProgramFreddie Wagner, Caryn CampTaichung
SmartMusic for Middle and High School Music at MAKBrianna Zrinsky, Hsin-Yen Lin, Joe TorgersonKaohsiung
2013-14Embracing Taiwan's Nuclear Future?Albert TamKaohsiung
Heart Rate Monitors Helping Student Improve FitnessDon Dwight, Dondi PeleoTaichung
(P.E. K-12)
2012-13Interactive Chinese Language LearningGrace HeebnerTaichung (EMS)
MIY "Measure it Yourself" Science with LabQuest 2Albert TamKaohsiung
2011-12The Sky’s the Limit – Teaching Our Kids to Explore God’s Glory Through His CreationAdrienne Ruegg, Curtis QuickBethany
iPad for ELL and Special NeedsAndy Wu, Charlie Aldag, Lynn Saye, Fei-Ting Chang, Sam LagoTaichung
Whisper Phones & Keep BooksRuth UllstromKaohsiung
2010-11Student Video BlitzMark GriffinKaohsiung
21st Century Readers’ Library & KindleCris LaythamKaohsiung
Formative Assessment Through Technology Application
Corey Baden, Curtis Quick
2009-10SMARTer Document CameraSandra Chow, Ginann FranklinBethany
Video Lab/Studio and Multimedia ClassDoug TaylorTaichung
2008-09Using Calculators in Middle School MathMarion Knutson, Jenny GriffinKaohsiung
Senteo Interactive Response System in English ClassMatt SparrowTaichung
2007-08SchoolbloxRuth UIlstromKaohsiung
Vernier LabQuest UnitsMark SennerBethany
Flip Video CamerasGiann FranklinBethany
2006-07Instant Response System for Student FeedbackCris Laytham, Matt StrangeKaohsiung
2005-06High School CounselingHigh School CounselingTaichung
Randy SchmidtRandy SchmidtTaichung
2004-05Geoff GrosenbachGeoff GrosenbachKaohsiung

Herring Grant Application

Alex Herring Grant Application

The Herring Grant Application form can also be found in the Staff quicklinks.

About Alex Herring

James Alexander Herring was born in Tai An, Shandong, China on February 1, 1905, the fifth of six children of Southern Baptist missionary, David Wells Herring, and his Australian wife, Alice Rea Herring.

Growing up in China, Alex developed a love of China’s culture and her people, and after seminary training, returned as a missionary in 1935 with his wife, Nan Trammell Herring, and their infant son. Global conflict and civil strife interrupted several terms of service in China. In 1957, Alex and Nan arrived in Taiwan and continued their ministry in Kaohsiung, Taichung, and finally Taitung until their retirement in 1970. With two children in attendance at Morrison Academy, he served on the Board of Trustees during Morrison’s formative years of 1958 through 1961.

Though he would never have described himself as a scholar, Alex Herring had a love of learning and an insatiable curiosity about God’s creation and the physical world around him. He was a preacher, an astronomer, a botanist, a naturalist, a zoologist, an artist, and an inventor. He often employed the visual in learning and teaching, and in 1968 compiled a Chinese-English dictionary which codified Chinese characters by four digits representing the strokes and radicals in each of the four corners of the character. He would often use the intricacies of Chinese characters to illustrate the truths of the Gospel.

He was committed to life-long learning and eagerly adopted new technologies. Only months before his death in 1995 at the age of 90, he was using a computer to edit and expand his 1968 dictionary for a second printing.

The Alex Herring Instructional Grant is provided as a resource for faculty and staff at Morrison Academy to foster and encourage innovative and interactive learning while instilling in students the love of learning and exploration that characterized the life of Alex Herring.