Advisory Program

The purpose of Morrison’s Advisory Program (grades 6-12) is to “enhance the school’s mentorship culture by intentionally connecting each student with a godly mentor... allowing every student to engage with the school’s vision and values.” Imparting a vision and communicating values is no easy task, and the advisory program allows our staff the time and space to be intentional in speaking into students’ lives. Our hope through this program is that no student can hide behind anonymity but instead that each student might have a clear sense that they are known.

Groups of about seven students typically meet with their advisor for about 40 minutes per week. The primary focus of the curricula is on academics, social-emotional development, and spiritual life. Topics range from how to study for your first final exam to 1:1 check-ins or journaling to preparation for an experiential learning trip. But it’s not all serious, as built in free time allows advisors and advisees to bond over a card game or a milk tea.

One student stated in a year-end survey, “It helped me grow closer to my teachers and my classmates. I learned the difference between right and wrong; I grew closer to my class.”

Another said, “I was able to talk about almost anything without fearing that people would judge me for what I say.”