Athletics is co-curricular and an integral part of the balanced educational approach of Morrison Academy that helps educate the whole child. The ultimate purpose is to glorify God, so student-athletes are expected to maintain Christian values during practice and competition while competing at a high level. Athletics are to contribute to the development of biblical character traits such as good sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and self-control. Morrison believes that student-athletes should enjoy their involvement in athletics while growing physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Athletics should also foster positive school spirit within the school community.

Elementary School

Morrison’s elementary sports emphasize participation and are designed to promote enthusiasm for athletics and fitness. Campuses try to provide a range of physical and athletic activities both within the school and from outside agencies. These are often led by volunteers (parents, staff) as time and space permit. Sports activities often include T-ball/softball and soccer. All programs are open to all interested participants from the school. Games focus on exposure and participation more than competition, and coaches work to ensure that each player has an appropriate opportunity to grow in character and in the sport. Practices are typically held after school.

Middle School

The interscholastic middle school sports include volleyball, softball, soccer, and basketball for both boys and girls. The program also competes in a friendly tournament at the end of each season with other international schools on the island. Participation is the focus for athletics at the middle school level.

High School

At the high school level competition becomes a stronger theme.  Tryouts are held for  junior varsity and varsity teams. Team availability will be based on student participation, staff/coaching availability, and space availability. Varsity teams require more time commitment and include weekly games with local teams in preparation for on-island and off-island tournaments.

The sports that are available are: Girls and Boys' Volleyball, Girls and Boys' Soccer, Girls and Boys' Basketball, and Girls and Boys' Track, Girls and Boys' Swimming.