Morrison Academy is looking for faculty and staff members that love God, love what they do and love the people they serve.

Teaching Jobs at Morrison Academy

Passionate About the Purpose

Morrison Academy is an American international school located in Taiwan with a long history of excellence in Christian education. Morrison was founded in 1952 to educate the children of missionaries, a purpose that remains to this day.  Morrison also welcomes children from all backgrounds, and staff have many opportunities to share the gospel and disciple students.  

To fulfill our vision of providing a quality, biblically-integrated education, Morrison seeks dedicated personnel who are committed to investing in students’ lives. Because Morrison is part of the Protestant missionary movement in Taiwan, our staff must also currently be active in a Protestant church. We are looking for certified faculty and staff who wholeheartedly embrace our core values:

  • To follow Jesus Christ
  • To proclaim God’s Truth to the world
  • To pursue excellence in student learning
  • To educate the whole person
  • To partner with parents
  • To cultivate a caring community

Are you are a highly qualified, certified teacher that identifies yourself as a Protestant Christian?  Do you possess a sense of God's leading to come to Taiwan? Are you aligned with Morrison's Position Statements?  If the answer is yes, then Morrison may be a great fit for you.



The school is accredited* by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The school's boarding program is also accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.

*Accredited campuses are: Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

"Teaching at Morrison has provided me an opportunity to make my teaching far more meaningful! All of the work that goes into lesson planning, marking, and reporting feels like a means to more impactful relationships with the students. It feels super common for students to want to talk about faith and life both inside and outside the classroom, because of how close knit the entire community is."

- Aaron Ting, Morrison teacher


About Morrison Academy


"Morrison has provided me space to take risks, learn from my mistakes, collaborate with teachers of other disciplines, and expand my leadership capabilities. I am blessed to be surrounded by other passionate teachers who are willing to push each other to improve."

- James Taylor, Morrison teacher
Morrison alumnus, Class of 2012

Current Job Openings

Substitute Teacher / Learning Resource Aide (Open Year-Round)

General Application

2024-25  Openings

The openings listed below include openings for all campuses.  Faculty and staff who are accepted to serve at Morrison will be placed at whichever campus they are needed.

There is no opening at this time

2025-26  Openings

Director of Learning

Hiring Timeline

Most hiring decisions are made in December and January for the following school year, so early fall applications are encouraged. It is best to have your application completed by the middle of December.


Alicia Edwards

(Tel) 886-4-2297-3927 ext. 105


Salary & Benefits

Philosophy of Compensation

Morrison employees are considered part of the missionary community with a comparable salary and benefit package. Salaries and benefits are set at a level which enables employees to meet their needs and the needs of their families.

For details on salary, retirement plan, housing, health care, relocation expenses and other topics related to employment, please review the entire  personnel and administrative sections in the procedure manual.

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Human Resources.


Why does Morrison want teachers who embrace the mission?

Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members answering this question.

Do Morrison Academy’s teachers need to be able to speak Chinese?

Morrison is an American school and uses an American curriculum, so in the classroom, Chinese is not needed. Many Morrison teachers speak no Chinese when they arrive in Taiwan and are thriving here without learning more than a handful of words in Chinese. However, teachers that take a little Chinese on a regular basis throughout their time here have an advantage both personally and in terms of their ability to witness for Christ. Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members answering this question.

The base salary seems low. Can I live on it?

Morrison Academy seeks to provide compensation that is adequate for a single or family to thrive in Taiwan. Morrison provides apartment-style housing and staff find that insurance and taxes are lower in Taiwan than in Western countries. Morrison income can also be excluded from US taxes. These factors alone mean that much of salary becomes discretionary income. Families with only one income still need to manage finances carefully but many find it possible to eat out and take regular vacations while still being able to save. Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members addressing the issue of living on a Morrison salary.

What insurance does Morrison provide?

Morrison covers the full National Health Insurance (NHI) premium in Taiwan for a staff member and all their dependents from when they first arrive in Taiwan. NHI is comprehensive health insurance that covers everything from regular doctor visits, basic dental, maternity as well as major surgeries. The co-pays are generally very reasonable, for example, a basic doctor’s visit costs 150NT (US$5.00) out-of-pocket. More specialized treatment comes with a higher self-pay but still much lower than medical care in the United States.

Morrison also provides emergency medical insurance when a staff member travels outside of Taiwan. This insurance does not cover elective treatments (such as seeing your family doctor while back in the US); however, it is designed to provide a safety net if you require non-elective emergency treatment while outside Taiwan.

Morrison also provides National Labor Insurance for all its staff. The primary benefits are retirement-related cash payments once a retired employee qualifies".

When and how do we receive salary?

Staff receive a monthly salary from July to June and new staff receive their first pay in cash when they arrive in July. Once a local bank account is set up, salary will be deposited directly into that account. Staff can also choose to have all or a portion of their salary directly deposited into their US bank account.

Where do we live?

Staff will be assigned to an apartment that is owned or managed by Morrison. The majority of staff live in on campus staff housing while some staff are assigned to a leased apartment within a 5 to 10 minute commute to school. Morrison provides major appliances such as washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove (regular oven or small convection oven, depending on kitchen size), air conditioners, and basic window coverings. Basic used living and bedroom furniture will be provided for two months when staff first arrive so they have time to purchase their own.

See slideshows of apartments in Taipei (on-campus housing), Taipei (off-campus housing), Taichung (on-campus housing) and Kaohsiung (on- and off-campus housing).

Is Taiwan a safe place to live?

Let Morrison staff answer that question in their own words.

How long do teachers normally stay at Morrison?

Let Morrison staff answer that question in their own words.