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Defining Innovation at Morrison

Innovation embodies design, discovery, passion, taking risks, and trying something new. At Morrison, innovation is how students learn, teachers teach, and the impact of that process rather than merely educational tools and products.

An Innovative Student/Teacher Profile

Our goals for innovation are defined by four elements: hunger for truth, passion, risk, and desire to change. Morrison’s curricula should promote these four elements listed, asking students to “try and do.” Additionally, teachers should not be passive, but they should rather “model and guide” these elements in the way courses are designed and in the way they live their lives.

One noteworthy element of our profile is Hunger for Truth. As a Christian school, we see all learning as an uncovering of God’s Truth. A hunger for Truth should define how we innovate: it should be for His glory and should not be done for personal gain or for change for its own sake.