Pre-field Orientation (PFO)

Attendance at Pre-field Orientation (PFO) is required for new staff members. The Director of Human Services or Superintendent may excuse attendance under special circumstances. This eleven-day orientation thoroughly focuses on the cross-cultural, interpersonal and professional preparation of caregivers who minister to the unique needs of TCKs in the context of an overseas Christian school.

PFO is designed for the whole family. The program will help each family member learn about transition and ministry issues at their own level. The resulting family discussions can provide a basis for a renewed commitment to your call to missions and provide an understanding of specific issues facing each member in beginning a life of service within the overseas Christian school. Children especially will adapt better to new life in a cross-cultural setting when exposed to upcoming transitions. Morrison wants all employees and their family members to thrive in the new cross-cultural setting, so all attendees are required to be at all sessions.

Pre-Field (PFO) Orientation Expense

Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) is held at Houghton College in New York. If you are living within 5 – 6 hours of driving distance from Houghton College, please plan to drive there. Morrison will pay for car mileage. If you are living further away than the 5 hours driving distance, you could fly there. Morrison will pay for car mileage or airfare. If you are flying, you must use the Buffalo / Niagara International Airport. You need to get quotes for airfare from at least two travel agencies and send them to the Director of Finance for approval before you confirm the ticket. PFO will bill Morrison for your expenses, as well as for any family members approved by the Director of Human Services. These expenses would include: registration fees, program fees, accommodations, and meal fees. The optional trip to Niagara Falls is a personal expense.

Your only responsibility is to submit the registration form to PFO by May 1 as well as making travel arrangements for you and your family. (go to the online registration form)

Participants have the option of earning four graduate credits through the graduate program in education at Philadelphia Biblical University.

PFO is sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International.

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